My Vagina Is Part Of The Resistance

My vagina is part of the resistance. It has been part of the resistance since I was born. My vagina is resisting this patriarchal society that says that women come second. My vagina is resisting a world that makes excuses for men who mistreat women, harass women, abuse women, rape women, mutilate women. My vagina is resisting the Hollywood producers and directors who brainwash the masses with their fantasy views of women as impotent, sexual objects, victims, deferring to men, dependent upon men for their very existence. My vagina is resisting the politicians who make excuses for colleagues who are sexual predators because they themselves have cheated, harassed, assaulted women. My vagina is resisting this president BIG LEAGUE. He is #notmypresident. My vagina is resisting “family values” that say it is not okay to be a single mother, a lesbian mother, a queer person, a transgender person, a gender non binary person. My vagina is resisting the religious institutions that preach hate and intolerance and turn a blind eye toward their own abuses of power.  My vagina is resisting everyone who resists #metoo and #blacklivesmatter. My vagina is tired nevertheless she persists.  My vagina misses her youth yet embraces the wisdom she has gained over 55 years on this planet. My vagina is empowered – says what she wants, does what she wants, doesn’t give a fuck what anyone thinks. My vagina is prepared to fight until we have achieved full equality for all women everywhere.

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